The Best Drawing Tablets with Screen in 2020

Are you looking to brush up (no pun intended) on your art skills? Then it’s important that you look for a drawing tablet with a screen. Drawing tablets have revolutionized the digital art world, allowing for more freedom on the artist’s side of things.

However, it can be hard to pick a tablet. There are so many of varying prices. Which is the best for you? In this article, we will look at multiple drawing tablets and tell you which ones are worth looking into.

What Should I Look For When Buying Drawing Tablets with Screen? 

What About an iPad, Fire, Etc.?

With these tablets, you can still draw on them, but these devices are like a jack of all trades. They may work well for newbies, but a hardcore artist will prefer the drawing tablet, as it has better pressure sensitivity, can work better with programs like Photoshop, and is less distracting. You won’t be checking Twitter on your drawing tablet.

Pressure Sensitivity

When you look at a drawing tablet with screen, you may notice that it has a pen pressure sensitivity level. You may wonder what those levels of pressure sensitivity mean for you. Levels of pressure sensitivity can range from the hundreds to the thousands.

In short, the more you press, the thicker your line, and vice versa. More pen pressure sensitivity means that you will be able to have a wider variety of line thicknesses to choose from. A newbie should look for a drawing tablet that has 1,024 or more pen pressure levels. Someone who is experienced should have double that, going for 2,048.

Display Size

You can find tablets of all sizes, from 10 inches to a 21-inch display. Having a bigger screen in your tablets means that you will have more room to work with. You won’t have to zoom as much, which means you can get done faster. Bigger is usually better, though those who are on a tight budget or who travel a lot may want something smaller.

If you want to figure out if the display size is right for you, one thing you can do is to use a piece of paper that’s of similar size and see if it works. Your drawing surface should fit your style. If the drawing surface is too small, it can ruin your art.

In addition to the display size, also make sure your tablet has anti-glare properties. Anti-glare is usually accomplished through a laminated screen.

In conclusion, the resolution and display of your screen is always important. Your area should have a resolution that is satisfying, especially if you like to work in a big area. You need to know the size before you purchase. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Lines per inch, or LPI, is also important when picking a drawing tablet with screen. The more LPI you have, the more detailed your drawings can be. This is sometimes affected by how big your screen size is. The more resolution you have, the better it should be.

How Responsive?

When you put the pen to the tablet, you want your line to appear instantly. Most tablets do that. However, cheapie tablets may have a lag. Do your research beforehand and make sure you get a tablet that has good responsiveness. The last thing you want is for your tablet to lag whenever you’re in the middle of creating the next Mona Lisa.


There are several types of styluses. They can be battery-powered, be rechargeable, or use EMR, or electromagnetic resonance.

Styluses that are powered by batteries are thicker, which may turn off some people. While these batteries can last a long time, it does sting if it dies on you and you have no batteries.

Rechargeable styluses are similar, but they are thinner, and you just plug them in.

Many styluses will use EMR, which doesn’t need any batteries or charging. Most modern tablets will have a stylus like these. The stylus powered by a battery seems to be going out of style. Why have a battery in your stylus when a stylus that doesn’t use it is just as good?

Their quality is the same, with all that said. The right stylus for you lets you draw confidently. You may feel like you’re drawing on paper with the right stylus. The display needs to pressure-sensitive enough, but the stylus should also fit your hand and feel nice.


A tablet will have different buttons or ways to customize your experience. Having more hotkeys can streamline the process, which can make your life so much easier. Shortcut keys, for many people, are something one cannot live without. The more shortcut keys, the better. Some people will want tablets with 10 shortcut keys or more. However, there may be some who are fine with just five shortcut keys. Don’t be afraid to require shortcut keys in your tablet.

Some will have a screen that allows you to zoom or scroll with your fingers. Others will tilt. With any tablet, it’s always important for you to find the best feel for you.

Compatibility with Software

Some tablets will be compatible with all kinds of software. One of the features you may find, especially with a Wacom tablet, is a trial of Photoshop or other art programs. You can get months of free Photoshop use if you so wish.

In addition, you need to make sure it’s compatible with Windows 10 or with Mac software as well. This will allow you to transfer your digital art without much of a hassle.

Adjustable Stand

Your viewing angle is always important when it comes to looking at your display and when working. Because of this, many people will love a tablet with an adjustable stand. Many stands will have 6 or more ways to adjust, meaning you can find the right viewing angle for your display. It’s important you get the right adjustable stand for the job.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

A graphics tablet doesn’t have this issue, but a screen tablet does. You want a tablet that can last you a few hours. Obviously, energy settings, weather, and the age of the battery can determine how long the battery in your drawing tablet will last, but you want something that will last you at least four hours, especially if you travel.

Left or Right Handed?

Do you draw from the right or the left side? Many tablets will have an area that works with both, allowing you to get the most out of your device. However, some may be less friendly than others.

USB, HDMI, and Other Ports

When you are purchasing a tablet, they may come with different ways to broadcast or transfer your data to other technology. A tablet comes typically with USB for you to transfer data or charge your device. Besides a USB, you may have an HDMI to broadcast it onto a TV. Some tablets may have a port for mini HDMI, so make sure you buy the right accessories. Whether it’s HDMI, USB, or another port, make sure the tablet comes with everything you need.

Warranty and Customer Service

You want to buy a drawing tablet with a screen from a company that will stand behind their product. Should there be anything wrong with your tablet, being able to get a replacement or repair, or to speak to a customer service representative is important?


Everyone has a different budget, and drawing tablets are available in various price ranges. Some will cost you a couple hundred. Others can cost well over a grand. An advanced artist will usually want something at the higher end, but those on a shoestring budget may find that cheaper tablets work fine too.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Drawing Tablets with Screen

We picked from drawings tablets of varying costs and types. In addition, we read the reviews and tried to pick the best tablets that have had high ratings. Without further ado, let’s look at the best tablets.

#1: Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet with Screen (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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If you’re looking for the best tablet, Wacom is a good brand for you to check out. They are the gold standard of screen and graphics tablets. The first in this list of drawing tablets is a Wacom product that is the right balance between quality and value.

It uses a 13.3″ display, making it good for most artists. The pen doesn’t need any batteries, and it can act as other drawing tools as well. It has 4,096 pen pressure levels, making it good for most people.

In addition, it does have software for you to make your drawing experience even better. It comes with a limited month license for PhotoShop, Clip Studio Paint Pro, and more. You do need to live in the Americas, however.

Reviews of this drawing tablet have been positive overall, with most people saying that it’s the best drawing tablet for artists who are of intermediate experience. A couple reviewers had issues with the tablet, but they were in the minority.

Overall, this is a great middle-of-the-road tablet. Not too expensive, but not too cheap, either. It’s just right for most situations.

#2: Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet with HD Screen, Graphic Monitor, 8192 Pressure-Levels (DTK2260K0A) (Best Overall)

If you are an advanced artist and one who is always being commissioned, you may want something that costs more money. This is a pricey tablet, with a price that is more than a mid-ranged gaming PC. However, if you are a hardcore artist, it’s a small price to pay.

This tablet has 8192 levels of pressure and does have tilt recognition. It’s able to reduce how much parallax you’re experiencing as well, which is an enemy of most artists. This drawing tablet has crystal clear, full HD, with 16 .7 million colors to play with. The pen is battery-free, too. It’s easy to connect to your computer as well, with a 3-in-1 HD cable.

In addition, this tablet does have some legs for it to stand on. If you want to get well-situated, this drawing tablet will help you with that.

This drawing tablet has positive reviews overall, with many saying that it’s one of the highest quality tablets out there. Its battery-free pen and 8192 levels work well for everyone. A couple reviewers had problems, but most people say it’s worth the steep price.

Overall, this is a great drawing tablet if you have a high budget and are an advanced artist.

#3: HUION Kamvas Pro 22 (Best Mid-Range)

If your budget allows you to spend more money than #1 on this list, but you can’t afford #2, this is a nice compromise. This is a 21.9-inch tablet that has anti-glare features and a full HD display. This has 8192 levels of pen pressure, too. It has performance that should allow moderate to advanced artists to work well.

This drawing tablet does have 20 express keys and a 2-touch bar, allowing for plenty of personalization. In addition, this tablet can be adjusted from many angles. With its battery-free stylus, it should work well for you.

Reviews of this drawing tablet have been positive overall, with many people saying that it’s great for advanced artists. Like the other reviews, the complaints are in the minority.

Overall, this is the perfect drawing tablet for mid-ranged budgets.

#4: GAOMON PD1161 11.6 Inches Tilt Support Drawing Pen Display with 8192 Levels Pressure Sensitive Battery-Free Pen AP50 and 8 Shortcut Keys (Best Low Cost)

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If you’re a newbie artist or someone who needs a drawing tablet for cheap, this works well enough. It is full HD, and it has an 11.6-inch monitor.

This tablet is able to tilt 60 degrees in both directions and uses 8,192 pressure levels of pen pressure, making it good for most people. With this tablet, you do need to use it with a computer, but that’s a small sacrifice that many will make for the price. It works on Windows or Mac.

You will need a mini-HDMI accessory as well when purchasing this drawing tablet. Just something to keep in mind.

Reviews of this drawing tablet with screen are positive overall. Most people say that this is the best drawing tablet if your budget is low. A couple of reviewers had issues, but for the price, it was a surprising minority.

Overall, this is a great drawing tablet if you don’t have too much money. With time, you should make an upgrade, but this tablet can be a good one in the meantime.

#5: HUION KAMVAS Pro 12 GT-116 Drawing Tablet with Full Laminated Screen Digital Graphics Pen Display with Battery-Free Stylus Tilt Touch Bar Adjustable Stand-11.6inch (Best Tablet with Stand)

If you’re looking for a tablet that includes a stand, this is one of the best drawing tablets for that situation. It does have an 11.6-inch, full HD screen that’s laminated, meaningless glare. It has a battery-free stylus and 8,192 levels of sensitivity.

This Pro 12 drawing tablet also comes with 4 keys and a touch bar. It’s easy to customize your tablet to whatever settings you want. The stand part of it is lightweight, tough, and portable. You can set it to any one of six angles, so you should be able to use the drawing tablet in the right position.

Reviews of this drawing tablet have been positive overall, with many saying that it’s a great little tablet for the price, especially if you’re a newbie. A few reviewers claimed that it was clunky, but most enjoyed it.

Overall, this Pro 12 tablet is the best drawing tablet if your budget is lower and you want something with a stand.

Budget Options

If you’re looking to get a digital drawing tablet with a screen for extremely cheap, you’re going to run into a little problem. Most are not going to be under $200, at least with a screen.

You can find Amazon Fire tablets and other types of pen tablet for under that much, but they aren’t meant for pure drawing. While an Amazon fire tablet may work decently for the job, many artists will want something more advanced for their digital art.

If you’re looking for a very inexpensive screen digital art tablet, your best bet is to try to buy one used. If you do this, make sure that it’s from a reputable seller who will stand by their product. On Amazon or similar site, look at the star rating and be sure the seller has enough positive reviews for you to justify purchasing from them. There is nothing wrong with your wanting to make sure the seller you’re buying from is legit.

How Much Does a Drawing Tablet with a Screen Cost?

A digital drawing tablet can cost a little or a lot. They are always a little more expensive than graphics drawing tablets because of their drawing monitor. Even you get a cheaper tablet for beginners, expect to pay around $200 for it.

The more advanced tablets, especially the Wacom lineup, can go around the $400-$700 range. Some of the biggest and most powerful tablets will cost over a grand. For a newcomer to the art world, you may find that buying this digital drawing tablet is overkill. However, if you have an advanced drawing experience, buying an expensive drawing tablet may be what you are looking for.

Also, display size can determine how pricey it is. A 15.6-inch tablet will cost less than a 20-inch, for example.

With a drawing monitor, it’s important that you try to find something that fits within your budget, but also provides you enough room to match your skill level. If you can’t afford a pricier drawing monitor, consider a graphics drawing tablet.

Are Drawing Tablets with Screens Better?

If you’re looking for a tablet to draw with, you may wonder whether you should pick that or a cheaper graphics tablet. There is no right answer, to be honest. Both have their own pros and cons.

A graphic drawing tablet that doesn’t use a screen is cheaper and you don’t have to worry about batteries that much. There is less parallax, though some screen tablets can prevent that. Also, there’s less worrying about your hand blocking your screen.

However, a tablet with screen allows for more portability, and many people feel like a screen makes it easier for you to draw. More expensive and newer tablets, like Wacom tablets, tend to have an anti-glare display, tons of express keys, full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, and other pros that make it worth it over a graphics tablet.

In the end, it comes down to budget. If your budget is high, getting a costlier tablet with screen can be good. However, if you don’t have much money, graphics tablets are worth it.

What Is the Cheapest Drawing Tablet with a Screen?

If you don’t want to pay too much for a drawing tablet with screen, the GAOMON PD1161 is for you. This tablet is around $200, and it comes with enough features for a beginning artist. If you’re an advanced artist, you may want to save some money for something with a bigger area or more features.

As we said before, you may want to buy used, if you want something with a powerful pen display and screen. Just make sure the seller you buy from is reputable.

Alternatively, you could buy another tablet that isn’t necessarily made for art. For beginner to intermediate artists, this may work well enough.

Verdict: Your Best Drawing Tablets with a Screen

And there we have it. If you want to pick from the top tablets, these five should work for you. In case if you were busy doodling, here are the top five again.

First, the top tablet is the Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet with Screen. If you are looking for the best tablet that combines value and quality, this Wacom is a good way to go. It has pretty much everything an intermediate artist would need, all for a fair price.

Second, the Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet. This is the top tablet if you need something for advanced artists or if you have a high budget and like something more expensive. Some people may be turned off by the price, but it comes with enough features to justify its price if you are an advanced artist. Check it out if you can afford it.

Third, the HUION Kamvas Pro 22. This is the top tablet if you are looking for the right balance between the first two. It’s great for intermediate-to-advanced artists, so check it out.

Fourth, the GAOMON PD1161. This is the top tablet if you have a smaller budget or you’re a beginning artist. While more advanced artists will need something with a bigger area or more features, this works well otherwise.

And finally, the HUION KAMVAS Pro 12. If you are looking for the top tablet that’s cheaper and comes with a stand, you will like this one. While more advanced artists will look for something different, this is still a good tablet.

There we go. If you are looking for a drawing tablet, these are good devices. Being an artist can be challenging, especially when it comes for finding the right tools for the job. We hope you find the best tablet for your needs. Good luck.

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