The Best Tablet for Note Taking in 2020

Taking notes is always important. Whether you’re trying to pass a class or write something down for a job, you need something reliable.

The oldest way to take notes it to write them down on paper. In fact, there have been many studies that say that taking notes by hand is the way to go rather than by typing them. This is because people who hand-write notes have a higher chance of remembering them.

This is not to bash laptops at all. If you’re someone who has bad handwriting or hates taking notes by hand, that’s okay. In fact, technology like laptops offers a lot that paper can’t. You can store everything in one place and keep things organized much more easily. Modern devices have the ability to store documents to the cloud and have longer battery life.

One way to get the best of both words is through a tablet. Tablets tend to have a touch screen and a pen, which allows you to write down notes the way you would with paper. In addition, they have long battery life and tend to be the size of a notebook.

However, picking tablets can be challenging. There are quite a few you can choose from.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Tablet for Note Taking? 

When you’re looking for a tablet for note taking, you don’t need anything super powerful. However, there are still many features you should look for when searching for the best tablets for the job. Let’s look at some of them.

A Good Pen

The pen that comes with a tablet should feel nice in your hand and make it easy to take your notes. Some pens, like the Galaxy pens that come with tablets, are magnetic and can attach to your tablet, and they are known for their reliability. Of course, you can always buy other e-pens, but they may not be compatible with your tablet.

Battery Life

Your tablet should have excellent battery life. After all, you may be using the tablet for a full day of college with no breaks between to charge. Unless you get lucky and get a seat next to an outlet, you need something with a sufficient battery life – usually 8 hours. We should mention that certain features can make the battery life worse, like too much brightness.


The size of the tablet is important as well. The best tablets for the job are usually something that is the size of a notebook and are easy to carry. However, depending on your situation, you may want something bigger or smaller than that. In the end, it’s up to you to figure out what tablet size you’re looking for.


Tablets tend to have two types of storage. They have internal storage, the size of which you can usually choose, and then they have external storage. With external storage, they can usually take microSD cards, but some note taking tablets may have different limits. For example, higher-end note taking tablets can have cards up to 1TB. Meanwhile, lower-end can only take 128GB. Note documents will take very little space, but maybe you want to use your tablet for other things too.


Many tablets have a camera built into them. Perhaps you want to record your professor as you’re taking notes, or maybe you just want a camera for other reasons. Different tablets will have different picture quality, so pick a tablet with a camera that best suits your needs.


Taking notes is something that doesn’t require a huge processor or anything, but if you want the best tablet, the best usually has a powerful processor. This is ideal if you want to stream while you take notes, or if you want to do several tasks at once. Cheaper processors may slow down if there’s too much going on.


You can find a tablet for all types of budgets. The best tablet should be something that fits your budget well. They have gone down in price quite a bit, and you can find cheaper units that do the job. However, if you want to splurge a little and get more powerful hardware, then spending more isn’t a bad move either. Of course, some tablets have a balance of both.


You want a company who will stand by what they sell. Should there be any issues with the tablet, such as it failing way before its time, you want to make sure the company will repair or replace it and have a strong warranty. Some manufacturers will sell you cheaply made tablets with poorly made parts, then want to charge you more than the tablet is worth to repair it.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Tablet for Note Taking

We picked from several types of note taking tablet. We looked at your standard Microsoft and Samsung tablets, and we also looked at other tablets that are designed to take notes. We also picked from tablets that had positive reviews overall.

#1: Dragon Touch Notepad K10 (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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If you’re looking for the ideal tablet for drawing and note-taking, this tablet is for you. It’s the right balance between value and quality, giving you a mid-range tablet that works well for note-taking. It has a 64-bit processor and 2GB of RAM, meaning you should be able to take notes smoothly. With its 800 by 1280 IPS display, it should work well for seeing notes. It even adjusts automatically so you don’t have to worry about eye strain when you’re studying using your notes at night.

It runs on Android and has dual WiFi. Its speakers work well, too. For those who wonder what storage it has, this note taking tablet has 32GB and up to 128GB through microSD cards. With up to 8 hours of battery life, it should be good if you have a day at school or work and need to take some notes.

Reviews of this tablet have been positive overall, with many saying that it’s a good tablet if you’re needing something mid-ranged. A few reviewers had issues with it, both most people said that overall, it was a decent-quality tablet for drawing and note-taking.

#2: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (Best Overall)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 at

If you have a higher budget, looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab may be a smart move. It’s one of the best tablets for note taking and drawing, or for any of your tablet needs as well.

One reason that the Samsung Galaxy Tab prevails is that it has an S Pen. This allows for a smooth writing experience, with the e-pen not requiring any charging. Another point the S Pen brings is that it can attach magnetically so you don’t have to worry about using it.

The tablet itself has a display that’s clear, colorful, and includes speakers with some nice surround sound to it. Stream a little between sessions or surf the web with ease. Another reason why the Samsung Galaxy Tab excels is that it has up to 13 hours of battery life and fast-charge too.

This has 64 or 128 GB of memory or up to a terabyte of storage via microSD. You can store as many notes as you want if you’re hardcore into note taking.

Reviews of this tablet have been overwhelmingly positive, with most saying it’s the best note taking tablet on the market. People love its power, its slick pen, and its battery life. The lowest review it had was 3 stars, which had complaints about apps and the brightness.

#3: BOOX Nova2 7.8 (Best ePaper Tablet)

The best tablet for taking handwritten notes can sometimes be one that looks like you’re taking notes on paper. There’s just something about tablets that look like they’re real paper. For example, many people love the Kindle Paperwhite. This is a similar product, allowing you to take “paper notes” without the hassle of paper. A tablet with a paper-like screen means less eye strain.

This tablet can be used for e-books as well, and it has the battery life of a paper tablet. It has up to 4 days of battery life, making it excellent for the people who forget to charge. With 32 GB of storage and being just the right size for work, this is definitely on the list of the best tablets for taking notes.

Reviews of this tablet have been positive overall, with most people saying that this is one of the best note-taking tablets if you want hours of battery life and if you want an ePaper tablet for note-taking and drawing. A few reviewers got “bricks”, or had issues with the customization, but those were in the minority.

#4: Fire 7 tablet (Best Low Cost)

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If you just need a nice tablet with a stylus for note-taking and drawing, the Fire 7 is one of the best if you are on a tight budget.

First, it has plenty of choices. You can buy it with 16 or 32 GB, and it has microSD storage as well. You can also buy it with or without ads. This tablet uses a 1.3 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, 720p for video recording, and has seven hours of battery life. This should be good for note taking during class or for work.

Reviews of this tablet are positive overall. Most people say that this is one of the best tablets for note taking, as it has everything you’d need in a basic tablet without going overboard. Besides the reviewers who had lemons, most loved it for drawing and note taking.

Overall, this is a great tablet for those on a limited budget, but it also works well as your first tablet. It’s good as a gift for college students or for someone who needs an affordable tablet.

#5: Boogie Board Blackboard (Best Blackboard Tablet)

This is similar to #3 on this list, where it’s a little different from the other tablets for note taking on this list. This is a translucent notepad tablet that looks like a blackboard. It doesn’t need any charging, and it comes with four templates so you can write on photos or other documents below it. This is good if you want to take notes on a physical sheet of paper without writing on it.

In order to preserve your notes, this does come with a free app so you can scan your notes and check them later. While it doesn’t have any storage, many people may like the fact that it’s so simple. If you’re in a class where the teacher might get mad if you take out your phone to take a picture of your tablet, this may be a bit problematic, but otherwise, it works fine.

Reviews of this note tablet have been positive overall. Many people say it works well for what it is, and it can make note taking easier. Some people had issues with the product, but the score is still overall positive.

What Is the Best Device for Taking Notes in College?

In college, taking notes is one of the most important strategies for passing. That’s why it’s important to buy the best device for taking notes. Let’s look at the paper and pencil, computer, and tablet.

Paper and Pencil

This is the classic way to take notes. Some college professors, especially if they are old-fashioned, may only allow you to bring this in, thinking that if you’re on your computer or tablet, you must be wasting your time on Twitter. While we do hope your professors are a little more understanding about the younger generations’ need for technology, there are some advantages to this.

Buying a notebook and a pack of pencils is quite affordable. While you can run out of lead or ink, you don’t have to worry about any batteries. When you drop your notebook, it won’t break or anything. Also, taking notes by hand may allow you to remember them better.

However, it has its disadvantages. You may be someone who has bad handwriting, and it can be impossible to read your own handwriting when reviewing your notes. If you’re looking for a certain piece of information in your notes, you can’t exactly Ctrl+F your notes. And while you could always scan the paper, if you don’t do that and lose the sheet, you can’t exactly back it up.


The laptop computer isn’t exactly new. It’s been around since the 1980s. However, because it’s quite affordable, many are buying it to take notes. Just open up Word or another word processor and get to typing.

It has many pros. For example, the modern laptop has energy saving settings to allow it to run all day. Most laptops, even cheapies, should be able to type with no problem. Not to mention, it has many uses outside of that.

The cons are the fact that it still needs to be charged, and the fact that you can distracted by the Internet and other apps. We aren’t saying that no one can get distracted while using pencil and paper (Who hasn’t doodled a little?) but technology makes the temptation worse. Even if you have self-discipline, it’s hard not to wander a little. Plus, typing may not allow the notes to stick with you as much, requiring more studying.

Also, should there be something that happens to your laptop, be it external or internal causes, that can be a problem for you. Cloud-based processors like Google Docs will allow you to have more peace of mind, but it is still an issue.

We should mention that there are laptops that can fold into a tablet and have a touchscreen. We are mainly referring to the traditional laptop when we speak about this.


The tablet is sort of the combination of the first two. It has a pen that you can use to take notes by hand, and it has various apps that allow you to surf the Web and have fun in your downtime. The battery life in a tablet tends to be better, and it’s much more portable than the laptop. Also, tablets tend to be cheaper.

With a tablet, you can still get distracted, but it’s much easier to change your settings around to avoid distractions in our opinion.

So, which is better for you? It all depends on your needs. Whether you’re old-fashioned, a typer, or a little bit of both, just make sure you’re taking notes and studying.

What Is the Best Tablet for Students?

When it comes to being a college student, you’re usually in one of two camps. You have little money, or you are lucky and have a family who will spend some money and help you out. Because of this, the best tablet can depend on your budget.

The Fire 7 is a great tablet for students on a budget. It costs less than a new video game, and it has all the power you need to take notes or get by throughout your day.

If you do have some money, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great tablet. It’s one of the best Android tablets, with a powerful core processor and an easy-to-use pen.

Can You Take Notes on a Tablet?

Yes! Many people use tablets for taking notes. If you don’t like writing notes by hand, you may not like it, unless you’re good with a touchscreen keyboard, or if you buy a portable keyboard.

Otherwise, taking notes on a tablet is useful. There are many apps that will save your handwritten notes and let you store them on the tablet itself or in the cloud.

When taking notes on a tablet, try using apps that will block any distractions. For example, you can find apps that will block other apps and websites that can be distracting and only allow you to use the note taking app.

What Is the Best Tablet for Note Taking with a Stylus?

We believe that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great tablet for taking notes. Obviously, most tablets will have a stylus that works. However, the Galaxy does have an S Pen, which doesn’t need any charging, and it’s magnetic. This means it can stick to your tablet, allowing you to decrease your chances of losing it.

Styluses can be pricey, and yet they’re easy to use. Therefore, we are glad we have a tablet that has a reliable stylus.

With that said, any tablet will do. If you don’t have the budget for the Galaxy, don’t fret.

Verdict: Your Best Tablet for Note Taking

With that, we’ve looked at five tablets that work well for note taking. In case you weren’t taking notes yourself, here are the top five again.

First, the Dragon Touch K10. This is a good mid-range tablet that works well if you need a tablet for taking notes. Outside of that, it works well for other purposes too.

Second, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is a higher-priced tablet, but besides its power, many may love it due to the fact that its S Pen makes it one of the best tablets for note taking.

Third, the BOOX Nova 2.7.8. This is a tablet that looks like paper, like the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s one of the best tablets if you want something with lots of battery life.

Fourth, the Fire 7. If you’re looking for a cheaper tablet for note taking, this works well, having enough features to satisfy most people.

Finally, the Boogie Board Blackboard. If you just need something with no batteries, this note taking tablet is good if you don’t mind using a phone or something to scan the notes you do take.

There we go. Five tablets that will make taking notes easy. With that, we hope you find the best tablet for your situation. Good luck.

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